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Christians in Pakistan

Christians in Pakistan


Pakistan was established on August 14, 1947. The Founder Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah established close links with Christians; therefore minorities played a positive role in the establishment of the country. They cast their vote on favor of Pakistan in the assembly. Pakistan came into being as democratic state; it also had a religious element. Several minorities also included in the population, white color in the flag depicts minority’s existences. The Founder of Pakistan on Oct 30, 1947 at Lahore in a public rally said: Islam orders us the Muslims to protect neighbors and minorities with out being prejudiced on the bases of cast or creed, but still we Christians are suffering from the blasphemy laws, Pakistan Panel Code 295-B; 295-C; 298-A; 298-B; 298-C, passed by some fundamentalist Muslims to control the country. With the implementation of a new Constitution in 1973, Pakistan is experiencing this continual Islamisation in all areas of society. This Islamisation has resulted in blatant and intense discrimination against all non-Muslims a "legalized" form of discrimination in that the laws themselves discriminate against and lead to persecution of non-Muslims. Because Christian estimated at 1.7% of the 150 million populations are the largest majority of the minorities, Christians suffer the greatest persecution in Pakistan. Each successful persecution fuels the fire of the Islamic fundamentalists and makes them fiercer. There are many Ethnic groups are in Pakistan: Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashtun, Baloch, and Muhajir.

Now I want to share with you how the rights and freedoms of religious minorities have been eroded in Pakistan's 50-year history because of the majority community's view that this land is for the Muslims, to which many would add for Muslims only. Take a simple word like 'freely." In the original constitution of Pakistan, Christians and other religious minorities were allowed to "practice their faith freely." This word was removed from the constitution more than 30 (thirty) years ago as it was deemed to be threatening the Islamic fabric of Pakistan. As a religious minority, we live under a constant feeling of socioeconomic strangulation. We are no longer a Church serving the poor, but a Church of the poor. There is massive employment discrimination, both in the public and private sector. Usually, only the most menial jobs are available to Christians. In my own city in Karachi, Pakistan, 85% of my people are severely deprived, working as "sweepers" who remove human excrement from the streets. We are being socially ostracized and economically paralyzed simply for the "sin" of being Christians. As an example, the number of Christians in employment in the federal government of Pakistan is 0.7%, and 87% of those are in the lowest three categories, the reason because this is a land for Muslims, and we are merely Christians. I think it happened because most of Christians are lack of education, lack of money and also lack of information. For these reasons my Saviour Mission Church is doing something for our community to upgrade Christians in a high level, that they can achieve their goals and improve their lives, because we Christians are chosen and bless people of God.

"Many extremists assume Christians will be natural supporters and allies of the West, and therefore consider them legitimate targets for brutal intimidation and violent revenge attacks." It is worth noting that until the introduction of section 295-C, hardly any cases under the Blasphemy Law surfaced during the previous 50 years in the life of Pakistan. I pray for wisdom, grace, and boldness in carrying out the Great Commission in the midst of persecution in Pakistan.

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