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My Testimony

Personal Testimony


             I am Pastor. Younas Perwaiz (John) from Pakistan. I was born and brought up in a Roman Catholic family, now by the grace of God all of my family converted into Christianity. My Father provided my study expenses and he also arranged my marriage and I married in November 1992 with Nasreen Sardar, and worked in different companies to feed my family and serving in the church. A daughter (Humera Komal) was born in December 1995 and after a year my wife expired in January 1997. I had very difficult time and experienced hardships and began to cry out to God for his strength and mercy. According to Bible in (Job 1:21b) "The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away, may the name of the Lord be praised.” After that, I took care of my daughter in difficult situations. But now my mother is taking care of my daughter. During these difficulties God trained and teach me and gave me opportunity to serve His ministry as a Servant. By the grace of God, He gave me the answer of my prayers and I got marriage in Feb. 2006. Her name is Shumaila.

              It was in 1986, during my high school days, one of my uncles, Nazeer Masih (Late) invited me to attend his church named by ARP (Associates Reformed Presbyterian) Church, since then I began to attend the same church regularly and the Pastor of the church, Rev. Ghulzar M. Bhatti (Late) baptized and blessed me and I became a regular member of the church. After I became a Christian God show me his mercy in my life that He is alive through His miracles in my family situation. Likewise, my mother got sick after we Pray and Fasting God healed her and my younger sister she also got a sick in her back skeleton code, after she got operation then she healed her sickness through the Gods grace, because He a Doctor of doctors, King of kings and Lord of lords.

             It was in 1987, I was appointed as an Elder and Secretary of the church management committee and worked and served the people of God to the extension of His Kingdom. For this church I served seven years (1987-93) with my full concentration, hard working and commitment with God to build the Body of Christ. During my work in the Church, my pastor asked me to go for further studying in Seminary to become pastor like him to serve God for full time ministry, But I denied and not to go to the seminary school for the study. After some years I realized that it was God’s calling in my life through my pastor to serve him. After my pastor died I joined one school and took some Bible Courses and attended Bible Seminars for my spiritual growth and ministry. I finished my graduation in 1992 for my B.Sc (Bachelor in Science) degree in biology from Karachi University. I also graduated from seminary in 1997 and took B.Th (Bachelor in Theology) degree from Researching of Life Institute seminary and ordained from the United Presbyterian Church International as a Pastor in 1997. Sometimes I think my life is just like a Jonah’s life, when God call him to go to Nineveh, he denied and went to his own way, the same way when God called me to do his work, I denied and went to my own way, but through my hardships and difficulties God brought me back to his work, and now on I am doing his work as a minister for full time ministry.

During my working God gave me vision to start my own ministry to serve His people more effectively. I organized my Saviour Global Outreach Ministries in 2000 with new hopes and new dimensions through the guideline of Holy Spirit and the needs of Christians in Pakistan for their spiritual growth. At present, I have been serving and working with independent church and the name of the church is "Saviour Mission Church. Now we have several Families but no permanent church building and we are praying for the support toward church building project and our mission welfare center. As a result, I had been to Several Asian Countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, Thailand, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, China, South Korea, Japan and Philippines as mission trips to promote my local ministry and sharing our projects.

             Realizing the need of further training for effective ministry, I came to Korea for further education and I got M.A in Missiology and now I am studying in Chongshin for my Th.M program in Missiology too... I have many favorite personalities in the Bible, but I like and respect Joshua, David, and Paul, because they are the good example for the ministry. Likewise Joshua, I respect him, because even he was young but God gave him the power and strength to leads the Israelites to the Promised Land and the same way I had a vision to train and to equip the new young leaders to leads our people to the Lord for the extension of His kingdom. We are few in Pakistan, because majority of people believe on Islam. And I think we Christians like Israel people in Egypt the same in Pakistan, and we need the deliverance of God. Our Families are big but economical condition are so bad, because lack of education and finance. I believe we have to educate ourselves for the development of our Christian communities.

According to economic situation of Pakistan it’s very hard to achieve our goal because our Christians are very limited behalf of their salaries and they have no good living life. Mostly Christians are uneducated and big joint families. In Pakistan we are only 1.7% (Catholics, Christians) and Muslims are 97% and other religions 1.3% (Hindus, Humanistic). In Pakistan we have many difficulties through the Muslims and their Govt. Laws. That why God gave me provision to proclaim His gospel in gentiles, that they might to get the real salvation in the name of our Lord Saviour Jesus Christ. Glory to God and Praise His Name, Amen.  I have a vision to reach out Roman Catholics, Muslims, Hindus community and others. I have been praying to construct a permanent church building to accommodate the news converts. We are always struggling to finish our goal to preach the gospel and serve the people of God. My future ministry plans: To Serve in the Church Ministry. To reach the un-reached peoples. To be more effective and powerful minister of God. To Evangelize the Roman Catholics and Muslims / other religion. Home Cell Group Ministry. Youth Ministry and Social Welfare Ministry.

In all these, I praise and give thanks to God, and look upon Him for His Provision and guidance for my present life and study in Korea as well as for future ministry plans in Pakistan and beyond. We always look’s forward through the guideline of Spirit and God our Lord Jesus Christ. This ministry is not our ministry; this ministry is God ministry belongs with Him. We continue to serve Him and glorified His name Jesus, because with Jesus all things possible.  May His will be done, Amen.

My Prayer Requests:

1).   Pray for my Church Construction Building / Welfare Center.

2).   Pray for the Salvation of Muslims and other religious communities.

3).   Pray for my Church Staff / Members / Family / Church Growth.

4).   Pray for my Study and Living expensive in Korea.

5).   Pray for my Ministry in Korea / Good Relationship with Korean Church.

6).   Pray for my Future Plans to the Extension of His Kingdom / Build the

     Body of Christ.

7).   Pray for the Universal Church (all over the world).

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