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Our Projects

Saviour Mission Church of Pakistan,  

We are praying for the church construction for these areas, where we start our

Saviour Mission Church of Pakistan.

1. Saviour Mission Church of Pakistan in Lahore City, Punjab:

Estimated of our Church Building, and Pastoral House in :
Land                                       :                       10,000 US$
Construction Expenses             :                       12,000 US$
Total                                        :                       22,000 US$

Note: To accommodate around 200 people in every worship service.

2. Saviour Mission Church of Pakistan in Gujranwala, Punjab:

Estimated of our Church Building and Pastoral House in Gujranwala:
Land                                       :                       6,000 US$
Construction Expenses            :                       8,000 US$
Total                                        :                       14,000 US$

Note: To accommodate around 200 peoples in every worship service.

3. Saviour Mission Church of Pakistan in Nangal Sadha, Mureedkey, Punjab:

Estimated of our Main Mission Building ,Church and School in Nangal Sadha, Mureedkey:
Land                                       :                       18,000 US$

Construction Expenses             :                       20,000 US$
Total                                        :                       38,000 US$

Note: To accommodate around 700 peoples in every service, and for arranging Retreat parties, Crusades, Seminars, Mission center, and includes with Mission School & Boarding House for students.

4. Saviour Mission Church of Pakistan in Karachi, Sindh:

Estimated of our Main Church, Mission Center, Bible Seminary, High School and Vocational School in Karachi, (Sindh):
Land                                       :                       30,000 US$
Construction Expenses             :                       45,000 US$
Total                                        :                       75,000 US$

Note: To accommodate around 1000 peoples in every service, This building is for Main Chapel Hall, Seminar Room, Crusades Meetings, Bible Seminary, High School for students, Vocational School for learning practical education.

Special News:

            If you have willing to support for small church construction program in Pakistan.

Small Church Planting in Villages     :       12,000 US$ (for 100 peoples)


Small Church Planting in Cities            :     20,000 US$ (for 100 peoples).



Saviour Mission Church of Pakistan represent some secular projects to help the people in Pakistan.
1) Marcus Memorial Vocational Training School
2) Sohna Memorial High School
3) Hope Community Center
4) Saviour Mission Church
5) Saviour Bible College & Seminary
Please pray for our projects in Pakistan.


Bank Account in Pakistan:

A/C # 071059323505 pls, (Pakistan Rupees)
Bank AL Habib Limited
Shahrah-e-Faisal Branch,
20-A-1, Block 6, P.E.C.H.S.,
Karachi, Pakistan.
If you want to help Yesu Global Mission Church Pakistan send your donations or Love Offerings on our given Pakistan Account Number.

God Bless you All, in Jesus Name, Amen!

R-2184/11, Azam Town, Karachi, Pakistan
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