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Introduction & Vision


Our Ministries (Yesu Global Mission Church Pakistan) have three main Purpose and Objectives:  


1) Preaching/Proclamation "Gk. Kerygma",

2) Fellowship "Gk. Koinonia", and

3) Service/Ministry "Gk. Diaconia").


At First, we are here to Preach the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout the Nations (Mark 16:15 "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation").


Secondly, we are here to have Fellowship and share the love of God with everyone across all Denominational, Religious, Ethnic and Social barriers

(1-John 1:3 "We proclaim to you what we have seen and heard, so that you also may have fellowship with us. And our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ.") 


Thirdly, we are here to serve the Body of Christ and Local Communities as a Servant (Matt. 20:26b "Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant").

Future Vision:

There is sevenfold ministry plan that we want to share with you from Saviour Mission Church, Pakistan and we believe it can help to improve the Society among Christians. Saviour Mission Church has focus on Community Development. Some programs from Saviour Mission Church are on and some are on the way to start. We recognize the need for renewal of our Church structures to facilitate the fulfillment of God’s ministry. Laity should be equipped to be effective witnessing Christians and trained to penetrate the city and villages with the biblical Christians’ world view and value system in their individual professions and callings in life. The Church should express both our relationship to God through worship and our concern for humanity through service. Our church has small group gatherings such as family worship, neighborhood fellowships and house church worship because we don’t have specific church building to gather in one place. We are praying for the construction of our church and welfare building to accommodate the increasing members of my church in Pakistan.


We believe in Lord that He encourages the local people and churches to experiencing difficulties, through prayer support and other practical forms of help and equip them to convert their present times of trouble into occasions for testimony to Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Church. Also prepare local people and churches in Pakistan to face possible adverse times in the years ahead. Even we can’t do everything but we want in Christ to do something for our people and contribute our best efforts for the community development among Christians because Changed lives can Change Society. Our Sevenfold Ministry Plan is as under:


1) Church Planting: We have vision to build the churches in urban and rural areas because still many places in Pakistan don’t have Church and Pastor to serve the people of God, and they have strong desire to praise God, but lack of leaders they can’t achieve the spiritual food on their daily life. God gave us strong desire for the church planting all over the Pakistan, especially in Punjab province because our mother language is Punjabi and it’s easy to communicate the people. Most of villages have many believers but they have no place and shepherd. But they are having worship in House Churches. At the present moment SMC have no building and having worship and fellowship in the House Base Churches in different place, because of lack of finance and supporters.


2) Outreach Evangelism: Our vision is that the un-reached people of Pakistan come to Christ and un-churched people become committed Christians and part of the life and worship of the church.


3) Home Cell Groups: Making cell groups are the ways to worship God without church building. In this way the believers gather every evening in the church members’ houses to worship God and have a fellowship, sometime dinner, tea times and share their problems and also invite new comers. It’s good to have them a close relationship with each other as a body of the Christ.


4) Healing Crusades: This is one of the effective way to having personal fellowship with believers and non-believers to gather people in one place and share the Good News without any barrier or denomination to glorify the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ. In Healing Crusades even believers come but sometimes unbelievers also come and have a good experience through Holy Spirit and get healing and confess their sins and believe that Jesus is the Christ and Saviour of all nations.


5) Education: Our vision, and prayer, is that all Christian can get the education and be raised to that status in Pakistan, to the glory of God and to the strengthening of His church among my nation. Our first and foremost aim is to eradicate illiteracy from the country by making education accessible to all, irrespective of the gender, caste and social status and to provide quality education in little time and money but especially to the believers. Works and enables the poor to improve their lives and to develop their capacity and community strengths. For this reason we think we need biblical and secular education. That’s why God gave us a vision to build the Mission School for the students and also Bible School for the adults to train them and send them out into full-time evangelism and church planting for the extension of God’s Kingdom. We hope everyone in the society will use their full potential and lives a life of equality and dignity. To introduce such curriculum this is in line with our moral, religious and cultural values and to concentrate on moral development and character building.


6) Audio Visual Programs: Audio Visual programs are very important to start in Pakistan, because many Christians are not educated and lack of the education, we need to do some audio and visual programs that if they can’t read then they can listen the Audio Bible, Messages on different topics and Gospel Music. And also they can see the religious movies and documentaries to get the knowledge to glorify the name of God. We want to provide them freely because they are not very strong in economic condition and we don’t want to put more burdens on their shoulders. We also want to arrange musical concert in different places from the different churches choir teams to having a get together fellowship with each other.


7) Welfare Society: Through welfare society, we can help them in different ways. Likewise build an Elderly House, Vocation training center, Medical mission, Computer training center and having some other social works like feeding poor people, distributing clothes, helping finding jobs supporting orphanages and counseling the people.

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